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Jaime Sousa

Jaime Sousa

Managing Director Brazil

Jaime Sousa is the managing director of Cornerstone Strategic Branding office in Brazil, located in São Paulo. He is responsible for the portfolio of Cornerstone’s clients in the Brazilian market, being ahead of the attending and planning of the local team. Jaime Sousa comes from the Marketing areas of many companies. He took part of a generation that made history in Tec Toy - Sega of Brazil, the video game company of the famous Sonic the Hedgehog. Jaime was responsible for the Master System, the leader product of the company, and released Sega Saturn (the most advanced video game at that time) and other licensee products from game developers in the UK, Japan and USA. Technology and Marketing at a time when very few was aware of those themes in Brazil.

In 1995, Jaime Sousa entered to the beverage market being a marketing manager of many brands of expression at Ambev. The re-launch of Sukita, well-known in the late 90´s with the famous “Tio Sukita” and a recall achieved by very few campaigns up to now, was a turning-point of his career. Jaime Sousa was also the leader of important projects, such as “New Age Beverages”, that introduced new beverage categories in the country, like Marathon and Lipton, and the management of the alliance Ambev-Pepsi Co. Jaime Sousa launched the national icon, Guaraná, in Europe. Still at Ambev, managing 46 people, Jaime Sousa was responsible for the below the line – merchandising, point of sales, promotions and events of the brands Brahma and Skol in all São Paulo state, the biggest consumer market.

As the Marketing Director of Santher, one of the leaders in the Brazilian tissue market, Jaime Sousa re-positioned Personal brand, the national leader, establishing new visual identity, development of overall marketing campaign, point of sales material and consistent promotional plan. In addition, launched the first high quality colored toilet paper with fruit scent and Personal Kids, the first toilet paper for kids, with the Nickelodeon characters.

Jaime Sousa also developed and launched the first line of high quality recycled paper (Eco) for the ‘Away from Home’ clients such as bars, restaurants, hospitals and clubs.

With the experience and knowledge of the actual needs of the clients that Jaime leads the Cornerstone Strategic Branding office in Brazil.

Jaime graduated in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and pos-graduated in Marketing from University of California.