5 Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Design Firm

We apply our philosophy of Branding Inside>Out to all of our clients’ projects. It’s a philosophy that requires us to first uncover the true heart and soul of each brand we work on before initiating any design. Once revealed, we then visually express these inner, often hidden, truths when creating new packaging and in-store communications.

To come to this understanding of our clients brands, we conduct a series of activities to “deepen” our knowledge . This includes conducting visual packaging audits at retail, competitive benchmarking, reviewing existing consumer research and, as necessary, recommending and conducting new research when information gaps exist.

New research is often focused on helping define top-of-mind brand perceptions among consumers, and perceptions of the brand vis-a-vis exposure to existing communications such as packaging. Comparing these two perceptions---top of mind vs. aided brand perceptions---helps identify shortfalls or image “gaps” that will need to be addressed when creating the new visual identity.

Branding Inside>Out serves as a guiding principle, directing us to do our due diligence first when starting an assignment. Once completed, we are ready to begin our design exploration.