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Visual Positioning™ Overview

Many in our industry believe that winning the battle at retail begins with designing the packaging. We believe differently. To be a superstar on the shelf, you must first start by defining and super-charging your brand’s positioning, both conceptually and visually.

CSB’s Visual Positioning methodology creates highly motivating brand concepts and transforms them into dynamic, multi-layered and engaging visual expressions. These expressions become the visual version of your written brand positioning statement. They form the basis for creation of a packaging design system that will win at retail.

The primary communication at retail happens visually. The packaging is your brand’s positioning. You don’t have the luxury of placing a positioning statement on the shelf next to your package.

Without a well-defined and consumer-validated Visual Positioning, your brand cannot compete effectively at retail.

Our Objectives

We conceived Visual Positioning to address the following realities:

  • For every positioning or new product “idea”, there are many ways to visually express it.
  • Some visual expressions are more powerful, memorable and emotive than others.
  • Some are distinctive and differentiating vs competition, others are not.

Our goal is to discover for our clients, the single most distinctive, differentiating and emotionally compelling brand concept and accompanying visual design language.

Our Approach

Our approach integrates the disciplines of research, strategy and design into a streamlined process resulting in the creation a series of Visual Positioning concepts. Each of these presents its own unique consumer–friendly, written brand concept accompanied by what we call a “visual design language”, custom-created by our design team.

The visual positioning concepts are tested with consumers using our proprietary research methodology. The outcome is a consumer-validated design language that visually communicates the brand concept and benefit.


During the last 10 years, our experience has been that when we complete a Visual Positioning study first, we then go on to create packaging that performs significantly better in market. That’s why we believe Visual Positioning is the single most important missing step in packaging design today.